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Balance Rock Resort

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Balance Rock Resort
For Sale!!!

Balance Rock Resort is on the market.  This piece of property is one of a kind.  There are many cabins and a main house on approximately 10 acres.  There also is the old lodge where many a good time was had.  The lodge is now a club house for the exclusive use of the property owners and guests.  All the cabins are located along Speare Creek.  Speare Creek is a year round creek.  Von Hellum Creek connects with Speare Creek on the property.

     Balance Rock is located at 4200 feet in the Southern Sierras.  There are many large pine trees as well as cedars, alders,and majestic oaks.
     Balance Rock enjoys four seasons.  The air is clean and crisp in Autumn, Snow falling in the winter, the budding new green of Spring, and the cooler Summer nights.
     There are many wildlife in the area.  You may see a bobcat, a wild turkey, racoons, deer, red tail hawks, and the occasional bear. 

Balance Rock Resort would be the perfect property for a couple, a large family wanting space for a family compound, or a group looking for a retreat property. The possibilities are numerous.

Historic Balance Rock Lodge

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